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What Is Steebie?

There are many Sellers who struggle to launch and rank their products on Amazon due to the constantly growing competition. Having new marketing tools which can create extra traffic and increase the degree of passionate buyers’ engagement has become essential in order to get an edge over competitors. That’s what Steebie does for our customers; this should enable them to improve their product ranking and sales.

On the other hand, there are millions of customers who shop online every day and who would like to save money. We came up with a simple idea to connect merchants with new customers on the base of our platform. Merchants list their products on Steebie with a certain amount of cashback that customers will get for their purchase. Our application verifies purchases and processes cashback merchants’ rewards for the customers.

Why Do I Need Steebie?
You need it to improve your ranking in the Amazon search and get more traffic, hence increasing the sales of your product. If you are far beyond the 1st page on Amazon, you will get a boost to gain visibility and potential to receive organic reviews.
How Does It Work?

Our site has been created to help you get full-priced sales using CashBack Rewards instead of coupons. Full-priced sales can help you start ranking faster than discounted sales.

Step 1: Merchants import their products to Steebie.

Step 2: Merchants set the amount of CashBack that customers will get for their purchase.

Step 3: Buyers browse deals and complete their purchase on Amazon.

Step 4: Buyer redeem cash back rewards.

Step 5: Merchants approves the purchase.

Step 6: Buyers redeem CashBack to their bank accounts, debit cards, or 100+ Stores Gift Cards.

The fee is $2.50 per buyer claim. You pre-pay the amount equal to your per day amount of CashBack.

Does it Help with Getting Reviews?
Yes. Our Sellers get connected with a large audience of buyers who can share their humble opinion about the product and who can advise some improvements. Normally there are over 60% more chances to get feedback and reviews from customers after they use Steebie.
Can I Ask Buyers to Leave Reviews?
No. This will violate the policy of most of the Marketplaces that we work with.
What Countries Do You Cover?
We only operate on the United States market at this moment, but we are actively working on expanding our services to other countries in the nearest future.
How Many Daily CashBack Rewards Should I Offer to Buyers?
It will depend on your niche specifics, sales volumes, and your marketing goals. Our average Amazon Seller does giveaways of around 10-20 products per day throughout the period of 10-14 days.
How Does Your Payment for the Service Work?
We support all major Credit Card payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, and others. Sellers pay for the full campaign and get a refund for all non-purchased products at the end of the campaign.
Is This Compliant With TOS?
Yes. Our product and marketing strategy was designed to be always compliant with Amazon TOS.
Why should I use Steebie instead of other Services?
We provide the best ranking optimization tools on a market, as well other features that our competitors don't have.
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